The World Cup New Orleans Bar Cheat Sheet

Fifa World Cup Ball

Soccer’s intrigue has grown a lot in New Orleans over the last four years. Where once it was Finn McCool’s and a bunch of ‘off the map’ dive bars, now you can watch any match of your choosing at a bevy of bars. But with a variety of options, comes the opportunity of choice. So here is a cheat sheet that may make your choosing where to watch your match a little easier.

Best packed bar for any match: Finn McCool’s (3701 Banks Street)

The returning champion of soccer bars in New Orleans, Finn McCool’s shows every game of the World Cup. No matter the occasion, McCool’s seems to be packed with diehards for every game, and that’s when the World Cup isn’t going on. Whether you’re with a group of friends or by yourself, this is the place to experience the genuine camaraderie of real fans.

Best Family Friendly Favorite: Manning’s (519 Fulton Street)

Looking for an all-ages place to eat and watch the game? Manning’s is focusing its attention on the World Cup for the next month, with happy hour specials and half off on some appetizers.

Best Bar for Getting Drinks During a High Scoring Game: Prytania Bar (3445 Prytania Street) and Handsome Willy’s (218 S Robertson Street)

Both Prytania Bar and Handsome Willy’s are offering specials where you get free shots for every goal. So if you like to celebrate every goal your team scores or mourn ever goal they concede with a shot of whiskey, these bars will be the place for you. (Also for those who just like shots, they may want to check out some of Argentina’s and the Netherlands’ games at these bars.)

Best Bar to Watch a USMNT Game- Rendezvous Tavern (3101 Magazine Street)

Home of the American Outlaws, New Orleans chapter. The American Outlaws are the ‘unofficial United States National Team Supporters Group.’ As their website states, ‘we sing, we chant, we cheer without fail, without pause.’ For the US’s match against Ghana, anyone wearing a USMNT jersey or American Outlaws shirt got free Bud Light while supplies lasted. For the upcoming Portugal match, the American Outlaws are passing out chant cards to everyone in attendance. So if you want to catch a USMNT game with people who know and love their team, this is the spot to go to.

Best Patio Bar- Rusty Nail (1100 Constance Street) and Bayou Beer Garden (326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy)

These two bars have great patios, and are great for viewing the World Cup outside. The Rusty Nail will have the Foodie Call Food Truck serving food outside, as well as the Natural Light All-Stars singing the national anthem before the game. Bayou Beer Garden has a great beer selection and a kitchen with great bar food.

Best Bar With a Patio That Reminds You of Watching a Game in a Miami backyard- Casa Borrega (1719 Oretha Castle Haley)

Growing up in Miami, my experiences watching soccer involved being in someone’s backyard as the adults drank beer and we drank Malta, (with very little if any English being spoken throughout the match.) Catching the opening match of the Cup here, I got the same vibe as those Miami mornings (with more English), as owner Hugo Montero and son Yves had their chairs up front in their beautiful patio with the Spanish broadcast going.


  1. William Bloom says

    Living in Miami and an avid fan of NOLA, I enjoyed your article on the World Cup. I especially liked your reminiscing about watching games in people’s backyards. All you forgot is the Spanish-speaking broadcaster screaming, “Goooooooaaaaaaaalllll!” over and over again. Enjoy the games. I hope to enjoy the Cup as much as I enjoyed your piece.

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