Swamp Pop: The sugarcane soda perfect for lazy Sundays


Picture a lazy Sunday of the highest proportions: wicker furniture on a wide front porch, bare feet and wide-brimmed hats, and a thirst for something that tickles the throat. Swamp Pop premium sugarcane sodas offers the perfect partner to the idyllic Louisiana weekend. The Lafayette company is the brainchild of cousins John Petersen and Collin Cormier, who discovered after toying around with syrup flavors, they may be onto something special, and the natural sweetness of cane sugar could help them there. With a range of 6 different flavors, like Pontchatoula Strawberry and Satsuma Fizz, Swamp Pop can transport the drinker to an isle of laid-back luxury with one swing of the rocking chair.

And the best part? Swamp Pop tastes even better mixed with your liquor of choice for the chilliest of cocktails.