Street Style: 5 Questions with Lana Hunt


Where are you from?

I am originally from Zachary, LA, which is right outside of Baton Rouge, but now that I’ve lived in New Orleans for 4 years (with many more to come) I usually claim it instead.

What do you do?

I am a mother, chiefly. After that I’m a fashion designer and stylist, writer, overall creative and a newly licensed Real Estate agent (eclectic- I know). Right now I’m focusing on getting my women’s and children’s lines, HUNT COLLECTIVE and HUNT COLLECTIVE littles, which I design with my mom, off the ground. We go to production next week on our first round of products for both lines, so I’m in that nervous, excited stage!


Why did you pick this outfit?

I think this most closely represents my personal style, and the style of the brands I’m building. I love the simplicity and clean, modern lines of the dress, and the understated accessories are what I’m all about.


Where did the pieces come from?

The dress and ring are from Anthropologie. (The dress is current season and still available I think. The ring is last year sometime). The necklace is bones + feathers from one of my new favorite (and locally owned and operated) online shops, MONOMIN. I won the necklace in a giveaway- score! The shoes are Sam Edelman that I bought from Gilt a few years ago.

My son, Tilman’s outfit is a romper from our children’s line. It will be available to purchase in about 3 weeks!


What does this outfit say about you?

I think it gives the illusion that I am well put together! Ha. I love glamorous, embellished, over the top fashion, but at the end of the day, I am always drawn to actually wear simpler items. I usually end up taking off at least one accessory that I start with, never wanting to overdo it. I think editing is key, and not just in fashion. It’s always important to take a step back and assess, no matter what you’re doing. If this outfit says anything about me, I hope that would be it.