Steal this Look: The Perfect Swim Suit for Your Body

I remember the day I learned the difference of body types. When I was an early teen, I went bikini shopping with one of my friends. She was a crazy tall, skinny and beautiful Guatemalan. You know where this is going. I basically hid in a changing room until she was done and we could finally leave the store. I was so confused. How did every Hollister, low-waist bikini look great on her, yet terrible on me?

Later that day, we both laughed at the high-waisted bottoms I found in a department store, joking about “granny panties” as I tried them on. I looked in the mirror and stopped laughing. When I exited the changing room, she stopped laughing. They looked amazing on me.

I haven’t worn a piece that is low-waisted since.

Knowing your body type is key to successful dressing!  Scroll through to  identify your body type and get shoppin’!

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Your waistline is your largest measurement. It’s best to try to break up the line of your body with a slit. If you’d like to be more covered up, try a suit that drapes across your midsection, or gathers at your waist. Don’t be afraid to be bold with prints!

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If you’re super sporty, why not channel that into your swimwear? Choose different textures and lines, but basic colors work well if you aren’t a print person. The sportswear inspired pieces will play to your tall, toned physique.

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The struggle is real. Finding a suit that is cool enough, yet able to keep everything contained is almost impossible.

The key is finding a killer design. Think minimalist: simplistic cuts, unique necklines, cinched waists. Go big coverage on top, like a crop top, and a tiny bottom.

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That’s me! Even though we have big backsides, at least we don’t have to worry about nip slips. To accentuate your asset (wink), try a high waisted bottom in one color.

In order to balance the silhouette, try a patterned or ruffled top. A bandeau works well, too.

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Work what your momma gave you, babe. Maillots are perfect for you. Anything that’s body-hugging is going to accentuate your fabulous curves. Try experimenting with cut-outs, don’t be afraid to show some skin.

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Model material. While you might be drawn to more structured pieces, those will make you look boxy. In order to soften your body and create curves, try color blocking or patterns on round necklines with delicate straps. High waisted bottoms look great on you too.

Hope this helped you find the best fit for your figure! Pour yourself a martini and make some waves, babes!

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