Sex Edna – Your One True Love

Our lives begin with relationships.  The relationship of our bellybutton to our umbilical cord which subsequently leads to your mom…the first person you have a relationship with.  No matter what happens between you and your mom outside of the womb, she nourished you for, more or less, nine months of your existence.  However, once you drop out of that beautiful protective uterus, you are left to the elements and many more relationships, both healthy and unhealthy.
However, the most important relationship anyone has is the one that they develop with themselves.  If you’ve ever heard of the clichéd term “You can’t love others unless you love yourself” it is painstakingly true. As one of the most horrifically contrived holidays rears it’s ugly pink and red head many people will be preparing with both fear and loathing: Valentine’s Day.  I am not what I would consider a Valentine’s Day hater.  Over the past decades V-Day has taken on a new meaning, I feel for the better.  It is no longer for the couples loathed by singles, it’s for groups of singles embracing the fact they have themselves to love above all else.
There is most definitely something to be said of having a nice candlelight dinner with the one you care about and are currently, or planning to bone, however there’s also something to be said about getting drunk with your friends and playing a few rounds of “Who’s Settling” while consuming Café au Lait and beignets at Café du Monde.  You go home at the end of the night happy that you know more than one person who gets your sense of humor and love that they are there for you, but you don’t have to respond to anyone else but yourself when all is said and done.  Granted you won’t be getting laid, there is absolutely no shame in a one handed romp.
Your significant other can create or fill a void, but sometimes this void is meant to be filled by you.  If you spend years going from one romance to the next, filling and refilling the void, the void gets bigger and bigger and at some point you may not have someone big enough to fill it.  There is no shame in being alone for a year, five years or ten years.  It gives you time to figure out what the person you’ve been waking up with your whole life loves, needs and is capable of achieving.
Sex Edna is 28 years old.  She started dating at age 15 and subsequently lost her virginity at the end of that year.  From then on she started having and talking about sex.  At the age of 25 she began teaching sexual education to incarcerated youths as well as other inquiring adolescents.  Currently she is attending graduate school for Public Health Education, so don’t be afraid to ask because she’s either done it or heard of it.


  1. ejensen says

    I love this 🙂 although I’m psyched to be celebrating V-day with my awesome boyfriend this year, most of my Valentines days past have been spent with great friends and lots of chocolate – and I treasured every single one! It’s a day about LOVE, romantic or not.

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