Photo Bombing Saint Heron’s Amen Amen


Every once in a while, you need an epic night out—the type of night you will remember for years…This was that night.

In celebration of Prospect.3, Saint Heron hosted a multidisciplinary art experience that celebrated New Orleans ‘ unique regional culture and history through music, dining, and art.

BALL OUT BEAUCOUP was a wile out dance party set in a transformed warehouse space, with a special installation featuring the works of artist Tameka Norris, Hisham Bharoocoa and Terrance Nance. There was an epic dj set from Mannie Fresh, and performances by SZA, Kelis, and Katey Red.

My personal highlight: Shaking hands with Jenna Lyons from JCREW.

Here are photos from the photo booth presented by The Bosco.

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