NOLA Fashion Week Recap: Amanda DeLeon

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Once again Amanda deLeon wowed the attendees of NOLAFW. Her leather work seen in her fall collection had everyone talking, and this season her spectacular use of sequins and and tassels will have them continuing to talk. This collection proved her range. She was able to bring her edgy style and merge it flawlessly with summer and spring colors, materials, and structures. But, she was still true to herself, and her inspirations. DeLeon’s inspiration alone made her stand out. Her collection was inspired by two things that connect everyone: water and digital communication. “It is an idea that through both water and technology alike we all belong. We are all connected. The world becomes smaller. It is not I; it is we. It is not mine; it is ours.” –Amanda deLeon

She gave her looks amazing fluid motion like the flow of water by using tassels and sequins. And, there were deep, pure hues of aqua and blue throughout the collection. Accents of gold and other metallics as well as the organza cut outs on the back of her dresses respectively gave tribute to the screens digital devices and electric wiring.

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  1. andrea says

    “Wow,” was definitely what I was thinking during the show. “WOW, these pieces are sewn together terribly.” It was in fact so bad that it was distracting; I spent more time in awe of the poor craftsmanship (for instance you can see the buckled hem and thread line on the bright blue dress from a mile away) and, in a lot of cases, seemingly poor fit that I hardly noticed the design. Which is a shame because Ms. Leon’s S/S ’12 designs are some of the most original.

    I don’t know about the interworking of fashion shows and store purchases, but I wonder: If it doesn’t look good and/or like the finished product on the runway, will stores want to buy it? And isn’t that the point?

    An even bigger shame is that all the talk surrounding her show, and perhaps all the shows during fashion week, is ingratiating. Perpetually patting each other on the back isn’t going to help anyone grow or evolve. And if the designers don’t grow then the budding industry will stagnate and potentially fail. Aaannnddd we’ll keep seeing (and hearing) crap; in one form or another.

    New Orleans Fashion Week on the event end seems pretty solid – let’s hope the designers will follow suit.

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