NOLA Fashion Week Recap: Blackout by Ashlie Ming

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Bright, electric colors and exposed skin gave the collection a warm summer feel. But, the looks also had a bold, modern edge when it came to the silhouettes shown. Ming took a risk using light-weight material like silks and cottons for her timeless silhouettes, but she pulled it off with amazing use of ties and cinching. The contrast between the bright greens and blacks in the looks shown definitely added to the collections boldness. The pieces were simple, yet sexy. These details are what will make the pieces in this collection easily transfer from day to night, which seems to be the designer’s ultimate goal for this season’s collection.

DALTON PRIMEAUX is a hopeless romantic who loves surrounding himself with the fantastic people and culture of New Orleans. He appreciates all forms of art and creativity, and is a true believer in being yourself. He shows this through The WearHouse District (, his unique fashion blog.

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