Make a move to The New Movement theatre

While you won’t often find me in the confounds of the Marigny (because quite frankly I am not cool enough to be there) I will go to the lengths of the earth for a good laugh, and therefore, the other side of the quarter… which is where I found myself Thursday night (3/1) for the opening of New Orleans newest place of comedy worship, The New Movement theatre. After two years of hosting local shows, classes, and the Hell Yes Fest (NOLA’s first major comedy festival showcasing over 50 local and national acts) at various locations, The New Movement (TNM) finally moved into a place of it’s own located at 1919 Burgundy Street.

The audience is quite intimate, seating roughly 60 peopleĀ  in very close proximity to the stage. By no fault but my own I inhabited the worst seat in the house (almost behind the stage) because I wasn’t brave enough to climb the rafters in my 6 inch heels (which I obviously wore because my comedian friend who accompanied me had once mentioned in passing that he had a thing for tall girls). Despite my limited visibility (and the kink in my neck which developed the next morning from my straining attempts to see) the persistent complaining from said comedian who tried to coax me up to the top row despite my refusal, and the lack of air conditioning (they promised it was getting turned on the next day) the show itself was well received.

The show consisted of two improv groups comprised of both students and their teachers and was led by the co-founders (and husband and wife duo) Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. The opening night show had a SNL feel but perhaps a little racier than what is allowed on network television. Trew has nearly the same exact voice as Jonah Hill which is funny in itself and Nelson shares many of the same mannerisms and facial expressions reminiscent of many of the characters played by the great Molly Shannon.

With shows every Thursday-Saturday through March, TNM proudly hosts free or inexpensive performances, ensuring their comedy is accessible to the entire community. For a complete list of local show times and class schedules check out their website at and follow them on twitter @TNM_Nola.

The “movement” is also happening in both Austin and Houston respectively.

Side Note: the only thing funnier than the reoccurring theme of “I’d stick my dick in it” happening inside, was this flyer posted on a telephone poll directly outside. You tell me, is this real?…and if so, what the fuck is wrong with Kevin?

Rachael is originally from Harrisburg, PA where she plans to be mayor one day. In the meantime she keeps busy cleaning the skeletons out of her closet, catering to the needs of a very spoiled Siberian Huskie, and hosting her own radio show, Plan DD: The morning after Rachael. Rachael can be reached for questions/comments at

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