7/5 14th Annual MAAFA Commemorative March


WHAT: 14th Annual MAAFA Commemorative March

WHEN: Saturday, July 5th at 7:00am, free.

WHERE: Congo Square in the Armstrong Park

WHY: “MAAFA” is the Kiswahili word for “great tragedy” which refers to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The march will meet at the historic Congo Square, and visit sites such as St. Augustine Church (with the Tomb of the Unknown Slave) as well as Café Maspero and Royal Orleans Hotel, sites where slave auctions were regularly held. The parade then goes to the Canal Street Ferry Line, where ancestors will be honored, from victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade to those we lost during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The parade, which is in its 14th year in New Orleans, follows the idea that “the past we inherit, the future we create.”  Everyone who is participating is asked to be dressed in white (though not required.)


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