Introducing the new INVADE Managing Blog Editor


What do we mean when we say go forth and INVADE, create and conquer?

What does adventure mean to you, as pioneer and provocateur? What is it about the South that is at once singular and surreal, inimitable?

Many of these questions found me when I arrived in New Orleans five years ago – and the answers, delightfully elusive, are still forthcoming. Perhaps these enigmas are precisely what make this pocket of the universe so irresistible to the modern-day adventurer, as evident in the culture, music, fashion, food, and above all, the people that manifest this moveable feast. As Managing Blog Editor, I’m delighted to continue the celebration of creative culture in this city and the dreamers who make it – these visions – real, into something that can be shared, into something that can inspire, into something that can transform. After all, is this not magic, the ability to put our hearts on the page and in the world?

If you have any ideas, any ideas at all, clawing to see the light of day, please get in touch!

Here’s to the dreamers,
Brooke Schueller