Introducing Studio Booth: Our new favorite Photo Booth in NOLA


Life of the Party? this is your big break! We all know we’re all stars in the making, but photographs don’t always measure up to the starpower inside.

Studio Booth specializes in creating a high-quality and creative experience, all within a funky free-standing photo booth. Studio Booth stems from the inspiration of Marianna Sheppard, who set her sights on capturing partygoers in their most kinetic and fabulous states. A cool aspect of Studio Booth is how it is easily transferrable from event to event, capturing at the experience for every party-goer as a fun enclosed activity even during the most hyped up party.

Studio Booth’s ability to instantly upload pictures to social media and email accounts also set the pop-up booth apart from the conventional, dive-bar  photo booth. A bonus: the customizable props and backdrops add a touch of flair or silliness to any picture. Rest assured, your fans will love it.