Indywood: This is what happens when you turn a laundromat into a movie theatre


Yes, you can grow a film community with movies, wine, and a random location.

After attending a lecture on how the Hollywood South tax credit wasn’t benefitting local filmmakers, Will and Hayley Sampson had an inspired conversation. Flash forward to the filmmaker and entrepreneur transforming a laundromat into a movie theater. Indywood was born.

While there are some Hollywood films programmed, such as the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, a lot of the films have a local base or cult following. They recently featured local favorites like The Whole Gritty City, of 48 Hours Presents fame, Shell-Shocked and cult classic Down By Law.

Indywood keeps the movies fresh by hosting guest curators and double features. They even plan to have a local filmmakers’ week featuring movies made in Louisiana. The duo is also creating an online component. The owners explain, “Our website will combine crowd-investment with online distribution to both homes and theaters. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining online economy for independent films.”

Indywood’s website will have a distribution component where films can be shown online for free or via a $3 admission (for feature-length films). They also will feature a place to pitch your projects to potential financial backers.

By creating a hub where you can sip wine and watch a good film with other creatives, the hope is that the local film community will thrive.

630 Elysian Fields
Local Film Week May 15-21



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