I Love Eat: Snowball Erotica

Recently, I found myself enjoying a delicious snowball at one of the Bywater’s newest establishments, Lickety Split’s Sweet Shop. Located at 1043 Poland Avenue, these ladies serve up sweet treats all day long, from snowballs to milkshakes. On a hot day, nothing trumps a snowball. My love for them runs so deep, I was compelled to write this poem. Enjoy, and get you some.

O heat!

oh heat,

when winter comes,

again I will cry out.

I’ve filled my loins with powder,

my mouth with sweet,

sweet snow.

For this they tremble,

a sticky trail on cloth

does show.

O heat!

oh heat,

fill my loving cup,

cream till full.

Tube to mouth,

pull forth an essence,

beat a heat.

Believe a snowflake,

drink its moisture

its ever sweet.

O heat!

oh heat,

gone again,

hiding under sheets.

Summer kissed saccharine lips,

hurried off milky shores


Again they wait,

heat comes again,

and again, and again.

O heat!

oh heat,


I want a snowball treat.

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