Going Green with The Salad Shop


Promises of football, food, festivals, and Fat Tuesday attract throngs of tourists to Baton Rouge every season. However, with each new business dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, it seems that “going green” has evolved from a trend to a movement amongst locals. Good food made fast and easy is a universal favorite, and in Louisiana we don’t compromise on taste. That what makes The Salad Shop the perfect destination for health-conscious consumers in the capital city.

Owner Bradley Sanchez saw the need for a healthy place that could thrive on the demand for a quick in-and-out experience, while maintaining  low prices and high quality ingredients. This healthy alternative boast over 50 ingredients and a dozen dressings to whip up any custom fare or menu favorite. Want shrimp, strawberries, quinoa, and ranch over arugula? No problem. Or, keep is classic with a Caesar Crunch signature salad. For less than $10, keep the fast in fast food while exploring healthier options.


Photo: https://www.facebook.com/thinksaladshop/

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