Interview with the dapper dans behind new store, Fraques Nola Outfitters!


The first time I walked into new men’s clothing store, Fraques Nola Outfitters, I was stunned to say the least. With an international eye on art, culture, travel and design, Fraques is the destination for sartorial inspiration. The store features curated goods, apparel, necessities and periodicals in the heart of the Warehouse district in New Orleans. It’s perfect for the gentleman looking to upgrade his wardrobe and the lady determined to find the perfect gift for her boyfriend. I had the opportunity to strike a conversation with the owners, Frank and Jacques who combined their names to create the inventive store name.

What inspired you to open a store?

We were looking for an artistic collaboration that promoted learning, self awareness and positive living. We love traveling, and on many of our adventures, visited curated shops that sold an experience rather than just merchandise. It inspired us to open Fraques Nola Outfitters, where we outfit customers with the necessary tools to create themselves.


Our goal is to help people use fashion as a form of expressing who they are and who they are becoming. At this moment in time, fashion means something different to someone in another part of the world, but it is serving the same purpose. Fashion should give you the confidence you have when you know you look your best. It’s power extends beyond what you wear. It affects how you work, travel, commute, live.


The store seems to channel the print magazine Fantastic Man. How would you describe the ideal customer for your store?

Ambitious, curious, confident–anyone interested in stepping outside of their comfort zone for a new experience.


When did you first know you were interested in fashion?

We’ve always been inspired by art, architecture, design and photography. Fashion encompasses all of these elements. When the documentary, The September Issue, came out, we realized we shared a common passion. We consumed many other documentaries, and started looking at fashion and lifestyles in other parts of the world.


Our readers are always interested in the good, the bad, and the ugly. What is the biggest challenge of being in the retail industry?

Distinguishing ourselves from the competition and managing all of the different components involved in running a business.  Time has become a luxury.


Who are you most inspired by?

Our families, Ray and Charles EamesValentinoTom FordThom BrowneRalph LaurenBanksyPrince, and of course the Saints.


Who are some of your favorite brands right now?

Ernest Alexander, Glendon Lambert, Makr, Woolrich, Parke and Ronen, Shinola, Filson, and Red Wing.


What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

Be fearless and pursue dreams full forced.  Be strong and understand the big picture.  Be kind and motivational.  And most importantly, invest in Apple, Microsoft and Google.


Visit Fraques NOLA Outfitters: 821 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70113 • PH: 504.373.6153 •


  1. matt waters says

    Love this store! A great space with very well thought offerings. I tried to Like the article but the Facebook pop up box is hidden! Please record my like manually.

  2. G says

    Great store with unique items that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Definitely one of NOLA’s best kept secrets when it comes to men’s fashion!

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