A final farewell, Recapping the 10 most popular posts, and an invitation


Now that we’ve reached the ten year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina, like many of you, I literally can’t wait for the end of August. It’s been an emotional experience–a time for reflection, both personally and as a city.

In a previous issue, I told you my evacuation story and invited you to donate to Love, Write, Light, a local non-profit that is collecting donations for evacuspot sculptures that mark places where locals can evacuate future storms for free.

But honestly, I think collectively we are ready to move forward, give our hearts time to heal, and focus on what’s next for the most magical city in the United States.

As a final goodbye from goINVADE, I wanted to list the 10 most popular posts from the website, according to total number of pageviews. (I omitted posts that were time-specific and threw in a few personal favorites for good measure.)

  1. Maya Taylor On: The difference between New Orleans, New York, and Los Angeles
  2. A Review of ON THE RUN in tweets and illustrations
  3. Ok, cupid? Online Dating is basically the worst.
  4. HOW TO TALK TO STRANGERS: Claire Bangser of NOLAbeings
  5. Interview with Monica Kelly: A Woman Who is Beautifying, Inspiring, and Healing the World
  6. Kyle June Williams: On overcoming temporary defeats and starting a web series
  7. CARNIVAL THROWBACK: 12 Vintage Mardi Gras Costume Ideas
  8. Imani Brown On: Prospect 3, Blight in New Orleans, and the Occupy Movement
  9. Photo Spread – “New Orleans is Nowhere” by Mariana Sheppard
  10. It happened to Me: I did not get into grad school
  11. LAGNIAPPE: If I knew growing up would be this boring I would have stayed in the third grade

The past six years have been amazing–filled with moments of mind-blowing success and occasional failure. We threw parties, we published magazines, and we interviewed some of the most interesting people in the city.

The journey, however, does not have to end here.

I took a substantial break over the past few weeks to clear my head and focus on next steps. In September, I will launch my personal weekly email: “From the Desk of Justin Shiels.” It will start with a 12 week series: “Create and Conquer” that pairs original illustration with inspirational messages. (I promise it won’t be as cheesy as it sounds.)

I will not, however, be subscribing you automatically to the list. You’ll have to click here to sign up.

In closing, I am thankful for goINVADE’s readers, writers, editors, photographers, and advertisers. At times it was challenging, but we made a small dent in the universe.

Here’s to new adventures! **sheds single tear**

Justin Shiels
Founder and Publisher of goINVADE