You should be drinking PBR post workout–according to science


Stay true to the roots of American brewing, without being, y’know, too into it. Pabst Blue Ribbon provides the great taste without the frills of advertising. Ask a Millenial (as predictable as it may seem), and they will help you see the tried and true likeability of PBR. After emerging as the Comeback Beer in 2002, the Milwaukee beer has carved out a new niche for itself as the choice of brew for bike messengers and young beer enthusiasts. A hands-off advertising strategy has enhanced the brand in the 21st century and created a faithful fanbase.

In fact, scientists believe that drinking a PBR (okay, mostly beer in general) post-work-out, can enhance the effects of physical exercise. We’re not encouraging you to exercise per se, but it’s clear there is a connection why bike messenger favor PBRs and sloths don’t. Hydrate yourself with the best, grab a Pabst Blue Ribbon.