Croquet and Whimsy in the Park

Some days the weather is too perfect not to have a picnic.

It’s easy for a group of friends to grab a basket, some old dishes, orange Kool Aid, a grilled salad, and find a grassy spot to laze about. If that’s not enough, you can get a little fancy; wear your socks with your heels and a hat that says, “I look good.” Now, who knows how to play croquet?

Models Reagan May, Catherine Bollich, and Jason Stutzman feature clothing from Baton Rouge thrift stores Connections for Life, Time Warp BR, and The Purple Cow. Styled by Niki Dionne.

Niki Dionne is a photographer based in Baton Rouge. Her weapon of choice is a Canon 6d and a no nonsense 50 mm 1.8. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University and fills her free time with fashion photography projects and collaborative photography projects.

CroquetFancyHats1 CroquetFancyHats2 CroquetFancyHats3 CroquetFancyHats4 CroquetFancyHats5 CroquetFancyHats6 CroquetFancyHats7 CroquetFancyHats8 CroquetFancyHats9 CroquetFancyHats10 CroquetFancyHats11 CroquetFancyHats12