Brooke’s Ideal Valentine’s Day Date

I like to think I am a cynic when it comes to love. I haven’t planned my future wedding, I scoff at the idea of soul mates, and as soon as a comedy is described as “romantic” I lose all intrest. Yet deep down I must be a hopeless romantic because I take Valentine’s Day very seriously. As cognizant as I am that it is a day created by Hallmark and candy companies to sell cheesy (or should I say “chocolatey”) gifts, I go all out for the holiday. I wear pink and red, pick a lipstick to match, and I always buy my significant other a themed gift (even if that person just happens to be the last guy I slept with). Love is a funny and often confusing anomaly so I tend to treat V Day in a similarly haphazard (but fun!) manner. Here is the itinerary for my perfect Valentine’s Day date. Potential suitors take notes.

Bruce Willis

1. Take me to see A Good Day to Die Hard at midnight. What better way to begin the most romantic day of the year than with a viewing of the fifth installment of everyone’s favorite Christmas action movie? If it isn’t showing at midnight in New Orleans, the matinee will do. I’ll keep it cheap for ya.

Second Breakfast

2. Take me out to eat. Elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper… whatever. Any of those will do. Many ladies desire things like sparkly jewels or proclamations of love on V Day, but a better way to my heart is through juicy burgers and succulent sushi. I’m always hungry and always broke, so there is nothing more meaningful to me than a free meal. If you’re loaded take me to an upscale joint like Bon Ton Cafe or Cochon. If you’re broke like me I’m more than okay with something like Lebanon’s or Slice which are affordable but still have some of the best eats in town. Dessert will be at Creole Creamery of course. What could be more romantic than splitting the Tchoupitoulas?

Stage Door Canteen

3. Take me to the Stage Door Canteen. If my faithful readers have not realized that I am a huge history nerd by now, the secret is out! I can’t imagine many things more romantic than hanging out at The National WWII Museum on VD and dancing to the timeless tunes of the likes of Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington played by the museum’s own 17-piece Victory Big Band. If you can’t afford tickets for the Dine & Dance expirence, show only tickets are available, too.

Just biking indoors circa 2008.

4. Take me on a bike ride. Or for a stroll through City or Audubon Park. Or a walk along the Mississippi. Or to your place to play video games. After all, what we should be focusing on this Valentine’s Day is spending quality time with each other – not gifts or cards or even Bruce Willis.

Take some time to appreciate the people who are important to you – your spouse, significant other, family, BFF, yourself – and learn to embrace Valentine’s Day like I have. You’ll enjoy it a lot more. Even if you’re the one buying yourself candy, how can you be unhappy with chocolate in your belly? You can’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

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