The Art of Brunch: NOLA Edition

I can’t directly remember my first experience with brunch, but I always knew it was a fun thing to do.

Growing up, brunch was something my family did for birthdays or anniversaries on Sunday after church. The adults would enjoy bottomless mimosas and I got to eat a waffle, eggs and a freaking piece of fried chicken at the same time. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that there’s a special art to the experience of brunch.

For me, the best brunch contains three important components:

Location: chances are I haven’t had coffee pre-brunch, so I’m already in serious crazy lady mode – the location of a brunch spot is important for my sanity and for those around me. If it’s the 43rd gate of hell trying to find parking, I’m going home and eating Crunchberries.

Libations: any brunch without liquor of any choice is a sad, sad breakfast with fried chicken. Bottomless mimosa brunches and make your own Bloody Mary bars are magical and should not be underestimated.

Life: the brunch spot has to have a sense of life about it. That could be character of the restaurant, the people yelling/singing across the restaurant, or the food that brings you back to life after a night of debauchery or binge watching 30 Rock on Netflix. It has to have something memorable, something that keeps you coming back.


Behold, the top five brunch restaurants that receive the Official ‘Meals with Angie’ Seal of Approval:


5. Katie’s – 3701 Iberville St.


Katie’s is one of the places that excels in the life component, first and foremost. Stepping into the restaurant, you’re likely to see someone you know or meet someone new. Also, they play great music. Tip: They only have brunch on Sundays; I learned that the hard way.

Eat This: Chicken and Waffles

Drink This: Bottomless Mimosa


4. Another Broken Egg – 607 Harrison Ave.


I’m a Gentilly girl, so Another Broken Egg is a quick and easy brunch spot for my squad. Plus it’s always fun to venture into suburbia and marvel at mothers able to enjoy brunch with a screaming child – true girl power. I like to think of Another Broken Egg as a high-class IHOP (no shade to IHOP) in terms of the American-style meals and home cooking recipes.

Eat This: Biscuit Beignets + Lakeshore Scramble

Drink This: Café St. Charles


3. Superior Seafood – 4338 St. Charles Ave.


This is the brunch spot to take your parents when they’re feeling generous. The prices are a bit high, but the reward is a satisfying brunch, especially during football season. The patio seating really brings life and light into the place and makes your brunch experience feel pretty classy.

Eat This: Steak and Eggs

Drink This: Frozen Mimosa carafe


2. Refuel – 8124 Hampson St.


The first of two BYOB places on this list, Refuel is tucked off in the Uptown/Riverbend area. They may not have bottomless mimosas but there’s bottomless coffee – music to my ears. Let’s not forget that brunch is all weekend, so if that Netflix binge on Friday night was too much, there’s Saturday brunch. Also –– Nutella waffles. Enough said.

Eat This: Banana-Walnut Belgium Waffles

Drink This: Bottomless Southern Pecan Coffee


1. Biscuits & Buns on Banks – 4337 Banks St.


I was dreaming of chicken and waffles while getting my hair dyed one morning, and I prayed that this place would provide me with the best culinary combination known to man since peanut butter and jelly. Lo and behold, there it was – chicken and waffles on the menu. I squealed my first time visiting this Mid-City hideaway (maybe that’s why the owner always remembers me). Not only does this cozy spot have the best food and coffee, there’s a bar across the street where you can get a $5 mimosas and bring it with you to brunch. That’s a match made in heaven.

Eat This: Grilled Brie on Waffles with Blueberry Compote

Drink This: Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice with that bottle of champagne from your fridge


And A Posthumous Honorable Mention (pour some out for the homies):

Sainte Marie, once located on Poydras, will always stand out to me for its architectural beauty, amazing Pimm’s Cup, and perfect brunch. It’s also the place where I almost threw up on a guy I liked during my 23rd birthday brunch with friends because, well, hangover and Hennessey. Their steak and eggs and seasonal fruit French toast remains forever ingrained in my memory. R.I.P., Sainte Marie, R.I.P.