5 (Cheap) Ways to Update Your Rental Apartment

If you’re a commitment-phobe like me, you know that buying a house is even more daunting than getting married, but that doesn’t mean we renters should be held hostage to underwhelming aesthetics. Since you won’t be tearing down walls anytime soon and building Mariah’s dream closet in your one-bedroom rental, here are five clever ways to spruce it up and create the illusion of more space –without losing your security deposit.


Peel and Tile Floors

This one can be tricky in a city like New Orleans where the floors aren’t always even, but if you’re living in a space that has not been remodeled post-Katrina, your floors may need some TLC. I am obsessed with these peel-and-tile floors you can purchase from Home Depot in black and white stripes that have a Kardashian look to them.



De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Counter and cabinet space can be a commodity in small rental apartments, so save space and add style by putting these magnetic spice cylinders on your fridge or stove. World Market and Ikea both have income-friendly versions. (I’m also really digging this tea pot, by the way.)


Change The Look of Your Cabinets

If you aren’t a fan of your cabinets, take them off. I am loving this open cabinet look, just remember to put them back on when you leave. If you don’t have the tool box to accomplish this task, add some new knobs and pulls to update the look. You could spend an entire day at Restoration Hardware looking for the perfect pieces.


Faux Furniture

Some bedrooms are just not big enough for the pottery barn beds I covet, but these faux headboards move you from that college dorm look into the budding young professional you have become.


Use Room Dividers

Think you are paying too much for your one-bedroom apartment? You probably are, but with an awesome wall divider, you can trick yourself into thinking your sky-rocketing rent is a steal, because it can add the illusion of another room. Get a roommate in the other room if you must, or use the separate space for a yoga space, a home office or a guest room for all of your friends who aren’t cool enough to live in New Orleans but need a place to crash during Mardi Gras.


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