Adventure in Pictures: From New Orleans to Osaka, Japan

When a Japanese company offered me the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in Osaka I jumped on the opportunity… and on a plane. On June 3 I left the United States with nothing but two suitcases and the clothes on my back. My destination was a faraway place where the residents speak a language more foreign than “Y’at” and where public transit is actually efficient.

I have now lived in the Land of the Rising Sun for just over a month. Japan is as strange a place as I hoped, beautiful, efficient, welcoming, and full of cute things. It is a land of contradictions: the traditional and the modern, the advanced and the archaic, and the simple and the complex aspects of the culture cross paths daily. It may be tiny in comparison to the US, but there is so much to do and see. This place will never be home, but so far it’s a damn good substitute.

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Special thanks to Jennifer Bailey Gemmell and Jennifer Pritchard for photography.


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