INVADE focuses on interesting people, local events, and clever ideas. We create compelling content for upwardly mobile young professionals and sophisticated travelers.


An INVADER is an explorer—a seeker of new experiences. A pioneer and provocateur. An adventurer in love with local culture.


French Quarter, Central Business District, Warehouse District, Marigny and Bywater, Garden District/Uptown/Carrolton, Central City, Mid City, and Gentilly.


  • Interviews and profiles with local tastemakers
  • Event Listings
  • Culture and Lifestyle
  • Weekly News Roundup
  • Street Style


Hello! I’m Justin Shiels, the founder and publisher of INVADE. I am also the Creative Director for graphic design studio This Creative Lab.

For me, INVADE is the absolute definition of a passion project. A graphic designer by trade, I created the magazine because I am passionate about the local creative culture–those people that despite amazing talent, somehow stay under the radar.

I also specifically wanted to be a part of reframing the way that the world sees the South (and more personally New Orleans).

To date, INVADE has been around more than 5 years, taking various iterations: first as a Tumblr, then as a blog and monthly digital magazine delivered via Issuu.

Most recently, we have grown into a vibrant print magazine, a beautiful website, and a weekly email.

While INVADE is still a one-man operation it is the help of our amazing editors, contributors, and curious readers that propel the continuous growth.

-Justin Shiels, Publisher and Founder of INVADE



INVADE’s primary objective is to create compelling, meaningful content, that resonates with local communities across various platforms.

There is a booming creative resurgence in places outside of New York and Los Angeles. There are thinkers, makers, creators, and doers that need a little bit of support to get to that next level.

INVADE’s goal is to be the catalyst for social change, by focusing on the good.


Meet the Team

Justin Shiels – Founder/Editor


Justin Shiels is a creative director, graphic designer and web strategist whose greatest joy is making things happen. He received his BFA in Graphic Design from Loyola University New Orleans and a Masters degree in Arts Administration from the University of New Orleans. By day, he helps build brands through his boutique design studio This Creative Lab. His passion is creative culture and his goal is to encourage people to live a well-designed life. Through public speaking, his media company goINVADE.com, and his creative work he hopes to leave a small dent in the universe.


Lianna Patch – Print Magazine Editor


Lianna Patch is a writer, editor, and born-and-raised New Orleanian. She started writing because her dad suggested it, and he’s pretty smart. Lianna specializes in witty, concise copywriting, obsessively detail-oriented editing, and social media content that doesn’t make you want to die. Learn more at www.theenglishmaven.com.



Kurston Melton – New Orleans Events Writer


Kurston finds inspiration from her eclectic group of friends in and around New Orleans. When she’s not in school or working you can find her perfecting her creative skills through costuming, gardening and home decor designs. She is a freelance marketer and youth enrichment instructor.