5 DIY Projects for The Perfect Last Summer Weekend

Labor Day is behind us, but don’t lament the end of summer.  Technically, we have 11 more days until the Autumnal Equinox and I say, make those 11 days count! Throw an end of summer party, make one last trip to the beach, celebrate this final countdown with a fun football outing.  I’m addicted to DIY projects, who isn’t since the advent of Pinterest, which made me think…what better time to share some of the best ones with one more big party opportunity looming in the near distance.  Not only does doing-it-yourself save you money, but allows you to add your personal flair and a fresh spin on some traditional favorites.

DIY Glitter Mason Jars


Mason Jars have become the party accessory du jour, and that’s why seeing a plain old mason jar has lost its luster. Add it back with a shining, sparkling, glittering version!


Mason Jar

Mod Podge Gloss


Plastic Cup

Plastic Spoon

Paper Plate


1. Mix Mod Podge and glitter together in the plastic cup with the spoon until you have an even consistency

2. Pour the glitter mixture into the mason jar, making sure it is coated evenly

3. Once all the excess has been poured out of the mason jar, place it upside down on the paper plate to dry

4. Put flowers in your new glittery mason jar because it will look awesome

DIY Surf Spray


These last few official days of summer  will be the last chance for a beach getaway for many. However, for those who are keeping the party in the backyard, you can still get those coveted beachy hair waves with surf spray!


Spray Bottle

1 cup Warm Water

1 Tbsp Coarse Salt (Sea or Epsom)

1 Tbsp Hair Gel

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

A few drops of essential oil in your favorite scent


1. Add everything to the spray bottle and shake until the salt is dissolved

2. Spray and scrunch (it’s all about the scrunching)

DIY Studded Shorts


Making cutoffs is easy, step it up a notch by making your own studded shorts as the part of the perfect party outfit or gameday look that is equal parts casual and cool.


Pair of shorts





1. Lay your shorts on a flat counter and use chalk to mark where to place the studs

2. Pierce the studs through the marks on the fabric

3. Use the pliers the bend the prongs to secure the studs in place

DIY Fringe Top


You’ve got the bottoms, now get the top.


Plain Tank Top




1. Very carefully, dip the bottom of the tank top in bleach, rinse thoroughly, and allow it to dry

2. Cut the bottom bleached part of the shirt into vertical strips

3.  Knot the top of each strip  or add knots down the strips to add texture

4. Wear with studded shorts to look like a boho badass

DIY Bath Salt


Because after a hard partying weekend, you’ll need something to relax and wind down.


2 Cups Sea Salt

1 Cup Epsom Salt

1 Cup Baking Soda

15-20 Drops of Essential Oil


1. Mix all ingredients in a large plastic bowl and seal shut immediately to lock in the scent

2. Let the bath salt sit for a few hours to dry, mixing ever so often to avoid clumping

3. Add a small amount to your bath to ease sore muscles and soften skin

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